Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Today me and Joanne went to Qalista's house to do homework!! We also had so much fun because we played after we were done :P we took all the cushions and started running around, DAMN FUNNY!! Joanne and i were running away from Qalista, Joanne was like screaming!! xD omg. But we were all sweating a lot and it was really tiring, my legs are aching now, and i have PE tomorrow!!!): Anyway, today's history test was CANCELLED! OH YEAH :D More time to study!! But tomorrow i have geog test, gosh ):

Monday, February 14, 2011

Yay, today was a fun/boring day, boring cause of lessons and fun cause of all tha snacks and hanging out with friends xD Hannah gave me a lollipop,cherry flavour:P, Ashley gave me a cupcake and Jia Xuan gave me a card and sweets!! ♥”>
People were selling lots of valentines day stuff today in the canteen during recess, like lollipops, cupcakes, chocolates and many more sweet stuff!:) i bought this cupcake, the icing was AWESOME. I bought Siew Ying chocolates :)
Today i had my science CA too! Wasn't too bad, it was quiet easy actually!! Hope i get high marks though.. I'm webcaming on ooVoo with Joanne, Qalista and Vanessa now!! Heehee. Alright, gonna go make valentine cards now, BYE!!:D

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hey!! Yesterday was Qalista's birthday!! Me, Jodie and Anthashah decided to surprise her and go to her house in the morning and give her pandan cake! We went to her house around 10 and she was eating breakfast xD She was so shocked HAHAHAHAHA, so funny ;P Oh yeah!! The day before, me, Qalista, Vanessa and Joanne went to Jodie's house to bake cupcakes! It was raining SUPER heavily and we all got soaked, me and Qalista fell down T_T We bought some ingredients, we had to wait FOREVER for the bus to come, sigh.. When we went to her house, we started baking!! so messy:P
We made icing too! We thought the food colouring was red, but it was PURPLE! IT LOOKED AWESOME! HERE ARE THE PICTURES:
Mine!!:D Ours!! :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hello!! I haven't been blogging like since, FOREVER. Anyway, happy CNY! It's already Feb, wow. I'm a secondary one student now! I'm in Sec 1/7 :) The most awesome and crazy class EVER!! Love it so much!Studies have been alright, in secondary, the teachers give us less homework and more revision, primary school, more homework less revision. HAHAHAHAHA. ok. I'm going to be 13 this year!! wow wow. Time flies super fast. Our CA exams are coming soon, math is this Friday,need to study now, so bye :D

Sunday, August 8, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEYY!:) Ahahaha, I'M DAMNN EXCITED BOUT TODAYYYYYY. Ariel's dad is sending me and Ariel,need to leave my house 1.30 pm. Ugh, it's raining. And it's national day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPOREE! PLEASE DON'T CRY ON YOUR BIRTHDAY. :D DJ Earwork FTW!!!!!<3 Omg,i LOVE it. Lol(: Ok,i need to eat and do my homework,BUBS.

It's erm,11pm so i'm making a short post,today's Chloe's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE! HOPE ALL YOUR WISHES COME TRUE!<3 :) Haha, I'M DAMN EXCITED ABOUT TOMORROWWW!!! Ashley's party,haha. Couldn't go for Chloe's cause no one can bring me): It's at downtown East,damn far:0 okay,byebye(:

Friday, August 6, 2010

Today was the best YOG in Singapore ever! It was held in our school,we had to let go of 500 balloons:0 And when the torch came,it rained-.- BUT I LOVED IT:D Took many pics with Dawn,Mel,Fran,Gwen,Sha. Haha. Oooh,yesterday,Melissa,Ariel and Shalena came over after schoolll!nWe had an awesome time camwhoring,best day ever. I miss it already ;(


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