Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hey!! Yesterday was Qalista's birthday!! Me, Jodie and Anthashah decided to surprise her and go to her house in the morning and give her pandan cake! We went to her house around 10 and she was eating breakfast xD She was so shocked HAHAHAHAHA, so funny ;P Oh yeah!! The day before, me, Qalista, Vanessa and Joanne went to Jodie's house to bake cupcakes! It was raining SUPER heavily and we all got soaked, me and Qalista fell down T_T We bought some ingredients, we had to wait FOREVER for the bus to come, sigh.. When we went to her house, we started baking!! so messy:P
We made icing too! We thought the food colouring was red, but it was PURPLE! IT LOOKED AWESOME! HERE ARE THE PICTURES:
Mine!!:D Ours!! :)


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HEY HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEYY!:) Ahahaha, I'M DAMNN EXCIT... It's erm,11pm so i'm making a short post,today's C... Today was the best YOG in Singapore ever! It was h... SUP MY HOMIES! Hey,sorry havent been blogging for a while, was to... Hey!Soorry for not blogging for a looong loooooong... Today we went through our English and Science pape... EXAMS OVER!! My heads gonna explode

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